Custom Foam

GELFLEXMemory Foam

A true breakthrough in memory foam innovation.

Sleep is interrupted because we toss and turn to take pressure off some body point where the blood flow has stopped. Our GELFLEXfoam provides enhanced support while reducing motion transfer across the mattress surface for an undisturbed sleep.

The Open cell structure and gel particles promote airflow allowing for a cool, comfortable sleep.

The firmness of our open cell visco will drop by over 9% as it warms up from 24C (room temperature) to 37C (body temperature) whereas samples of comparable products softened by only about 2%. This reduction in firmness from room temperature to body temperature is called the Pressure Relief Index.

The foam warms up more and therefore softens more where the pressure is greatest (hips, shoulders etc) thereby equalizing the pressure over the entire body.

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